The Regional Conservation Guide was featured in a write up in the Santa Barbara News Press on September 12th, 2005. Click here to view the article.

Regional Conservation Guide Update: The Regional Conservation Guide was officially released on September 12th, 2005. Check our website to review the document. The Guide identifyies and maps ecological characteristics of the landscape, then synthesizes these characteristics to identify areas of priority for conservation in our region. This information will lead towards more efficient and informed decisions towards protecting important natural areas in our region. We have also added an addendum report - click here for addendum. Please contact Conception Coast Project for more information (

Southern California Wetlands Recovery - Wetland Mapping Update: CCP is continuing work with the Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project (SCWRP) toward developing a methodology for mapping the riparian areas of southern California coastal watersheds. The project will utilize digital elevation models (DEM), high-resolution airborne and satellite imagery, and extensive field surveys to characterize the extent and vegetation cover on the floodplains of these watersheds. Currently, the field survey is underway. To date, almost 50 sites have been visited in the Ventura River and Carpinteria Creek watersheds. The field effort is nearing completion, and will also include surveying in the San Gabriel River, Sand Diego Creek (Orange County), and Escondido Creek (San Diego County) watersheds. Data collected at limited locations in the field will be used to calibrate the DEM and imagery data toward generating riparian maps for each entire watershed. The resulting maps will later be used to prioritize riparian areas for conservation and restoration activities.